Monday, 11 November 2013

Vintage Thread

I was out shopping and found a bit of thread.  I already know I have enough thread, but I was excited to see a few bags full of some mostly size 30 crochet thread so I paid 4$ for it and took it home.

4$ for an 'instant collection' of size 30 thread is a pretty sweet deal!

I really love the old labels on them.  Some of the balls were a little more.. partial than others so I decided to rewind them and found a few old coupons inside of them.

I don't know how old some of these threads are but the offer was for patterns from the 40's to 60's, for 15 cents each.  Somehow I doubt they're still good.

I put the smaller rewound amounts in a jar.  The bigger ones are on a shelf in a basket.  I can always use the excuse that they are for decoration until I can find the time and pattern for them!

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