Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A New Barrette

My sister likes to bring me craft stuff when she comes to visit from Japan, usually origami and crocheting stuff.  She came to visit this year and brought me a cute sewing book with tons of different designs for mobiles and little purses.

  I decided to try one out so I picked the easiest pattern in the book... the little blossoms.  I've seen this pattern before, usually used for pin cushions.  You can find a ton of knit/crocheted versions on Ravelry (which I might have to try next).

These are the absolute easiest things to make.  Just stuff a little circle of fabric and sew it together.  Using thread sew through the center and around the whole thing to separate the 'petals'.  I used some embroidery thread and made some french knots in the centers.  My flowers were made with 2 inch across circles and turned out the perfect size for a hair barrette.  I glued them on and sewed on some beads to fill in the cracks!

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